Arentz Landscape Architects LLC
has developed a consistent body of award-winning work based on the belief that landscape architecture should be timeless, and that the creation of place is critical to the outcome of a project.

With offices in Washington, D.C., and Orlean, VA, our experience spans 18 years and 13 countries and includes: residential, institutional, and commercial projects. Because we remain a small firm, we offer our clients and projects individual and undivided attention from master planning through construction observation phases and well beyond because time is the fourth, and often forgotten, dimension. ALA continues to work with clients well after completion of construction. This ensures proper stewardship and sustainability of their garden spaces.

Underlying all of our work is the acknowledgement that each project is unique, and an appropriate response is one that carefully integrates client values with layers of culture, history, and materials. Working closely with our clients and a host of collaborating disciplines, our work reflects an understanding of the built and found environment. Clients frequently ask us to evaluate and explore development possibilities of a site or property prior to purchase.

All of our projects begin with a rigorous analysis of the site and evaluation of client programs. Our gardens are then designed with order and a well proportioned architectural framework. This framework is subsequently softened through the careful layering of plantings to achieve a sense of depth and sensuality.