Inspired by the works of John Russell Pope, the signature of this residence is its classically detailed limestone found on the house and throughout the garden. Arentz Landscape Architects collaborated closely with the architect to develop the house and site in concert
The house, with its monumental limestone columns, was methodically studied and fitted to a site less than one acre in size with twenty feet of grade change.

The house was sited and the garden developed in a manner that downplays the scale and gravity of the structure. This was achieved by composing a garden of rich layers with careful attention to proportion creating an experience that is more expansive than the boundaries of the property. A quiet loop drive of soft buff tones leads to a modest oval court at the front of the house. In the rear, a formal lawn draws one out of the living spaces and through the stately porch. The projection of an Indiana limestone terrace beyond the wall that holds up the lawn creates a subtle effect that suggests a garden of greater expanse. A quad of Winter King Hawthorns shading an intimate dining terrace transitions to a set of symmetrical limestone staircases opposite a formal pool structure.

  • 2021 The Institute of Classical Architecture & Art’s John Russel Pope Award